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So we SURVIVED the boredom of quarantine, and now you wanna feel rich and powerful like an ex-quarantined billionaire? Want access to hot men and women like Hugh Hefner? Maybe you've dreamed of having sex with an avatar, elf, or powerful mage? No, you're the type of woman who'd fantasize about being a powerful president, with the ability to have men and women of your choosing, hand-delivered by an all black-uniformed female secret service agent. Nailed it! You can have your fantasies delivered to your door, whether at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, an apartment, or home in a gated community!

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Book Your Doll Online, We Will Discreetly Deliver The Doll To You, After You Enjoy Her/His Company, Then We Will Pick The Doll Up When The Time Is Up. Click "Click Me Three!" To Learn The Full Process

Las Vegas, Nevada

Full Service Doll Only Brothel (coming soon)


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What-Uh Doll has the mission to offer quality companion love dolls at a tremendous price, whether they be purchased or rented by our valued customers. We will offer hourly rentals DISCREETLY delivered to the location of our customers. Moreover, we will be the FIRST companion doll ONLY brothel in the good ole US of A. When you think companion doll, think What Uh Doll. We're Elite, Discreet, Right To Your Door!


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“No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor”. ~Betty Friedman.