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Our Mission

What-Uh Doll has the mission to offer quality companion love dolls at a tremendous price, whether they be purchased or rented by our valued customers. We will offer hourly rentals DISCREETLY delivered to the location of our customers. Moreover, we will be the FIRST companion doll ONLY brothel in the good ole US of A. When you think companion doll, think What-Uh Doll. We're Elite, Discreet, Right To Your Door!

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“If sex is a journey, orgasm is both the purpose and journey’s end”. ~Chloe Thurlow

Because you've requested

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Because we value your business

Extraordinary Experiences

We are hard-pressed to provide you the best experience possible… Short of flying you to the moon. If there is ANY way that we can improve our service, please let us know


Our Core Values

At What Uh Doll, we believe in doing things right…The first time. We get our jollies when you use our dollies.

We are offering 3 tiers of VIP memberships

With ONLY 10 available slots per tier (10 Premium slots, 10 Prime slots, and 5 Elite slots). This membership gives you unlimited hourly access to in-house services when available (doll brothel) with any love doll tier (Premium, Prime and Elite), and up to 6 three hour delivery/rentals a month! An awesome deal!! Much like hotcakes, these thingies are going fisting…Oops, did I say “fisting”? I meant FAST! Be on the lookout for future deals on Groupon, and stay tuned for a significant discount on your oil change with your VIP membership! Because even your car’s engine requires lube. Also, you’ll soon be able to get your very own WhatUhDoll t-shirt! Who can resist a cool t-shirt? GET your WhatUhDoll merch!! I had a female friend who hadn’t experienced an orgasm until she was 36! Fortunately, this situation may be rectified by education. What Uh Doll will proudly offer periodic sex education seminars specifically for women who would like to learn more about unlocking their body’s capability. Unleash the inner you and obtain the “It’s raining orgasms” achievement!

In preparation for our grand opening

We have been coming up with products and scouring merchants to form valuable relationships that not only benefit us but most importantly, our most valuable resource... You.