Is This Shit Safe?

Listen, your health and safety are most important to us, which is why we use a 6-stage cleaning process. Most of our dolls have vaginal tunneling that is removed during the sterilization process and cleaned separately. After washing thoroughly using soap and water, we apply a chemical solution that kills STDs, C-Diff, VRE, COVID-19, Hep A/B/C, HIV, Herpes, etc. We follow up with another soap and water treatment. Then, another chemical treatment, followed by yet another soap and water treatment. We UV light it, then finish with an application of powder. It’ll be CLEAN and smelling goooooooood!

A doll for every ocassion

With our Elite, Prime, and Premium companions, we offer 3 levels of enjoyment for every budget and taste. The Elite offers top of the line TPE/silicone models which can include companions with AI capabilities. Our Prime dolls are comprised of high-grade materials, outrageous realism, but lack that subtle detail experienced in our Elite models. Our Premium, though very affordable, can deliver intense pleasure, and are on hand (or on all four’s if necessary) to meet the voracious needs of our value-minded patrons. Go NEXT LEVEL, my friend! Because feeling the difference makes all the difference in the world. We encourage you to try them all and see for yourself!